WhatCulture Wrestling Magazine Issue 6

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What Culture Wrestling returns for its sixth instalment, and again features 120 full-colour pages of timeless wrestling content and original illustrations. As ever, printed with a beautiful matte finish on extra thick, high-quality, paper.

- Our main feature this time is The 100 Greatest Wrestlers in the World Today. A huge look at the current state of wrestling and who the biggest players in the industry are.

- Guest columns this issue see former WWE, WCW, and ECW star Shane Douglas confess to being a mark, former WWE trainer and thirty-year pro Tom Prichard talks about the evolution of backyard wrestling, WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds gets nostalgic for telethons, WhatCulture’s own Jack King examines Japanese wrestling, Ross Tweddell takes trolls to task, and James Dixon scrutinises NXT's many successes.

- Adam Blampied's How WWE Should Have Booked looks at how Bayley should have been handled on the main roster.

- Our main feature looks at the 100 Greatest Wrestlers in the World Today. Looking at talent from across the world to decide who's currently on top of the pile.

- Features on Okada, Women's Wrestling, and a huge look at which discarded PPV concepts could be due a revival.

- A long-read on the concept of episodic television, and whether or not it's slowly killing WWE's audience and talent

- Exclusive interview with Rene Dupree
- An in-depth look at WWE Studios and an examination of every single film they've produced
- Randy Savage and his brief stint as a rap star
- Wrestling Rarities investigates the untold story of Vince's Memphis conquest
- Video game flashback looks at WWE Crush Hour