The WhatCulture Magical Mystery Box Of Wonder (And Mystery)

Image of The WhatCulture Magical Mystery Box Of Wonder (And Mystery)

PLEASE NOTE: Mystery box no longer comes with t-shirt. Alternative items are included instead!

If you have already ordered things from us previously please let us know so we will know not to include.

The time has come for us to finally clear out some desk space and that means you can absolutely have our eyes out in the process. The WhatCulture Mystery Box is bursting at the seams with unique wrestling merch and it can be yours for a stupidly low price.

- 2 Mystery Items!
We have all sorts of wrestling memorabilia kicking around, so we’ll give you TWO surprises and have it signed by your favourite members of the WhatCulture staff (and Wilbourn!).

- Two Copies of Wrestling Magazine
120 pages of the the best wrestling writing we’ve ever published! Featuring industry insiders and WhatCulture columnists both past and present, all beautifully hand illustrated in full colour. (If you own any issues, let us know and we’ll get you two you don’t already have)

- The WhatCulture Trivia Game
Hundreds of wrestling trivia questions from throughout wrestling’s ling history and including promotions and stars from across the world! Hours of fun for fans of all ages.

- An Exclusive Link To WhatCulture: Live In New York
All three hours, live and unedited, from WhatCulture Wrestling’s debut live show at Stand Up New York. Filmed over WrestleMania weekend in front of a sold-out crowd, see Ups and Downs Live with Simon Miller, Last Minute Rumours Live with Adam Clery, Insane Things Live with Jules Gill, a live podcast, Q&A, and Adam Wilbourn’s Live Bloody Good Quiz!

All this for the insanely low price of £20 and you’ll even get an exclusive 10% off coupon for any other purchase on shop.whatculture!