Shocking Wrestling Plans You Won't Believe Actually Happened Paperback

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Far from just ideas contributed in jest or marked as ‘maybe’, these are the Shocking Plans You Won’t Believe ACTUALLY Happened!

Professional wrestling is an industry unlike almost any other, with theatrical conflict used as the primary motivation for feats of incredible physical pursuit in front of rapturous live crowds and enchanted television audiences. It’s also the place where real men shoot fake laser beams from their eyes, regularly douse their rivals in faeces, and advertise their genitals on t-shirts.

Join us and find out:

- How Vince McMahon celebrated becoming a billionaire by indulging in a fascination with his own posterior

- How Triple H dabbled in bigotry, nepotism and simulated sexual activity with a mannequin in order to topple his rivals

- How The Undertaker went from burying his opponents alive to crucifying and hanging them instead

- How Sesame Street’s Elmo ended up on WWE sex tape

- How all of these things and so many others like them *really* happened

The toxic combination of a business model with limited morals and a creative stage with limitless potential, wrestling has plunged beyond the realms of virtually every Sports or Entertainment vehicle to deliver the unbelievable, unthinkable and – at times – unwatchable.